Have you started developing e-learning?

Eva GerdtsThere is a need to implement new, student-activating teaching and learning methods. The medical faculties are collaborating on a national platform for e-learning resources (in Norwegian). It is important that we here at K2 contribute so that this website becomes a good e-learning resource for our students. There is much pre-made content already available online for medical examination techniques and methods. In order to get ideas, you may, for instance, see Oxford Medical Education or Geeky Medics or Youtube. Several producers of web content have granted MOF permission to reuse their material. Have you found something which may be used in your student teaching, and wish to have this dubbed in Norwegian language or have comments added? You may then contact Eirik Dalheim who will clarify copyright issues and other formalities. Eirik will also assist you in adjusting the contents to your needs. Remember that all course changes must be approved by the person in charge of the course.

Good luck!


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