Incubator Building

The work on the Incubator building has now started, and since the building is so close to the Laboratory building, this has some consequences for those who have their workplace there. Among other things, the door on the 8th floor is closed and the parking spaces have been moved, in addition  it might be expected some noise for those who are situated close to the construction site.

Exit and escape route on the 8th floor:

The door is currently closed for normal use. The escape route / door is used only in need of evacuation, the door will then automatically open.

The parking deck will be open as an escape route until the end of week 12, i.e. next week.  You will have Information on alternative escape route when this is clarified.


The parking spaces, 32 in total, have been removed and there are 20 new spaces in Haukelandsbakken. Those who had a parking space will be handed out a new parking card labeled “visitor card”. The parking in Haukelandsbakken will last until July 1st.

Disabled parking spaces will be on the main deck at HUS.

Contact the reception for more information.

The next few weeks:

Some noise is expected in the coming weeks.

From week 10 and 11 they will drill holes in the asphalt, membrane and insulation, to get down on existing concrete pavements. Some noise will probably reach down to floor 7.

In weeks 12 and 13, they base steel columns. This will cause some noise due to drilling in concrete. When this is done, the work will mainly be on the concrete pavement. This work is likely to be less noisy down to floor 7.

In case the noise is troublesome, two pairs of earmuffs are available and ear plugs are expected soon, you can get these items at the reception desk, and more earmuffs can be ordered if required.

For more information about the Incubator Building, see here:

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