International seminar on Salutogenesis: A theory of health, rather than of disease June 3, 2016

In honour of Professor Emeritus Maurice B. Mittelmark
Organised by the Department of Health Promotion and Development, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen

What is the forefront of salutogenesis theory and practice?

  • Family, community and societal levels of the sense of coherence and the factors that influence it.
  • Measurement issues for the salutogenic model of health.
  • The application of salutogenesis in everyday community settings.
  • The application of salutogenesis in health care settings.
  • Salutogenesis in the non-English scientific literature.

The Seminar presenters

  • Shifra Sagy, Israel
  • Jürgen Pelikan, Austria
  • Georg Bauer, Switzerland
  • Monica Eriksson, Sweden
  • Bengt Lindstrom, Norway
  • Geir Espnes, Norway

For more information and registration see attachment.

Department of Health Promotion and Development
Faculty of Psychology
University of Bergen

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