CCBIO Seminar: Sonja Loges

The seminar will take place on Monday 25.11 in Auditorium 1, BB-Building.
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CCBIO Special Seminar, Monday 25th November    CCBIO

Please note the forthcoming CCBIO Special Lecture. It is arranged within the newly established CCBIO Seminars Series.

Sonja Loges, M.D., Ph.D., Max-Eder Group Leader

University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, University Comprehensive Cancer Center, II. Medical Clinic & Institute of Tumor Biology

Title/Abstract: Role of Gas6 – Axl axis in malignant interaction with the host

Time/Place: Monday 25th November, at 14.30, in BBB, Auditorium 1

NB! The campus bus Realfagbygget/HIB->BBB (normal schedule) will be up here just in time. For the way back we refer you to buses #12 (15:35/15:50/16.05/16.20) and #21 (15:42/16.12)

Host: James Lorens, CCBIO

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