Life without an apprentice

During the summer our apprentice Tonje has decided to quit her job at K2 in order to pursue new opportunities in Oslo. Furthermore, she has already had her last day at K2 and the reception is therefore currently unmanned, as some of you may have noticed. For a period we will no longer have a dedicated person to handle important tasks such as being our public face, handling room bookings, answering enquiries over the phone, purchasing, post, meeting assistance et cetera et cetera.

Although I am looking into different solutions, from hiring a new apprentice to help from others, we must all prepare ourselves for doing more tasks ourselves. The administration will assist as best we can, but we must ask for both patience and understanding that some things will take longer time to undertake. We are grateful if you can assist us where you can, both by doing more things yourself and avoid urgent requests when possible.

All the best,


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