Daily Archives: Friday June 8th, 2018


Dear all

The end of spring semester is approaching and along come the tasks of mid-term PhD evaluations as well as student (bachelor/master) theses evaluations. Exams have hopefully been prepared, ready to release but censoring awaits. The 20th of June is the coming full-scale OSCE; 160 6th semester students going through skill stations. We wish you the best taking care of this task and thanks to all contributors!

Producing written or OSCE exams, sitting though evaluations and performing censoring is not visualized in the educational schedule (as opposed to lectures), but this work is not less important! The students’ studying will often be guided by (former) exams. Thus it is important to develop tasks/questions considered of high importance for what the students really need to learn to perform in their future roles as pharmacist, doctors, nutritionists, molecular biologists or whatever field you as K2 teacher is responsible for.

And do not forget: note all your exam/evaluation work in your teaching portfolio that you have easily available at your computer. This to ensure documentation of your contribution in this part of your academic/teaching position.

And finally; when all evaluations are finished for this semester: enjoy summer without educational responsibilities.