The Lab Animal Facility

Per BakkeThe Lab Animal Facility is a core facility at MOF, where K1 has operational responsibility and Aurora Brønstad is the director. At K2 there are several users of both large and small animal models. The activities of the Lab Animal Facility have changed over time. Several activities have expanded to a considerable degree, such as the use of transgene mouse models, whereas other activities such as testing with large animals have been reduced.

There is an increased need for prioritization of the facility’s tasks and two-way information between the facility and the users regarding what assistance the researchers may expect and what demands the researchers must adhere to. Research projects wishing to use the facility must contact Aurora as early as possible in order to ease the facility’s planning. All applications will be subjecte to prioritization. One cannot take for granted that access will be given as soon as the need arises. As is the case with other core facilities, the costs of the services given, must also be considered.

There has recently been a useful meeting between representatives from the Lab Animal Facility, K1, K2, IBM and the faculty based on an initiative from K1 where these issues were discussed. One course of action implemented subsequent to the meeting is that the academic advisory group at the Lab Animal Facility will be more active and advise on guidelines for prioritization of projects.

It is important that all users contribute constructively in the debate regarding the facility.


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