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Based on last week’s search of “ Departement of Clinical Science AND Bergen”. If you have publications which are not covered by this search, send the reference to

An extended study of seroprevalence of anti-Anisakis simplex IgE antibodies in Norwegian blood donors.
Lin AH, Nepstad I, Florvaag E, Egaas E, Van Do T.
Scand J Immunol. 2013 Nov 13.
PMID: 24219706

A study of Chitosan and c-di-GMP as mucosal adjuvants for intranasal influenza H5N1 vaccine.
Svindland SC, Pedersen GK, Pathirana RD, Bredholt G, Nøstbakken JK, Jul-Larsen A, Guzmán CA, Montomoli E, Lapini G, Piccirella S, Jabbal-Gill I, Hinchcliffe M, Cox RJ.
Influenza Other Respir Viruses. 2013 Nov;7(6):1181-93.
PMID: 23170900

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