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New name – Håkon Reikvam

Håkon Reikvam is associate professor at K2. He has been associated to the Leukemia Research Group (Bruserudgruppa) since 2008, with major research interest in malignant hematology, stem cell transplantation and transfusion medicine. He is a consultant in internal medicine and hematology, and he also work as a physician at the hematology section, medical department, HUS. He is also responsible for the teaching in hematology, leader for semester board for 12th semester and member of the program committee medicine (PUM). He has an office at Armauer Hansen’s House.

New name: Cathrine Ebbing

Cathrine Ebbing started working 1.9 2019 in a 50% position as associate professor at K2. I am a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and have been working at the Women’s Clinic in Bergen since 1999. My specialty is fetal medicine and ultrasound. My research area is both clinical research in fetal and perinatal medicine, but also epidemiological research with data from the Medical Birth Register of Norway. I have been assigned the task of leading the research group “Pregnancy, fetal development and childbirth” under K2 in my position as 50% amanuensis. I am looking forward to that, and to teaching medicine students. She can be contacted on email:




New name: Jan Anker

Jan Anker Jahnsen started working in a 20% position as associate professor in July 2019, with academic responsibility for FARM395, a course in pharmacotherapy for fifth year pharmacy students. The main employer is RELIS Vest, the medicines information and pharmacovigilance centre servicing the counties Hordaland, Rogaland and Sogn og Fjordane, which is situated on the 9th floor in the Laboratory-building (Laboratoriebygget). He is cand. pharm from The University of Copenhagen, has a PhD in pharmacology from UiB and will be affiliated with The Bergen Pharmacology & Pharmacy Research Group (G4).

You can get in touch with Jan Anker through e-mail:


New name: Elham Baghesta

Elham Baghesta started in a permanent 50% position as associate professor 01.09.19 at K2. She have worked at the women’s clinic since 2001 and still work 50% as a general consultant at KK. Her work and research is in obstetrics and on a daily basis she is working mostly with patients with pelvic floor injuries as a result of childbirth.

Email address:


New name: Maria Omsland

Maria Omsland Enrolled in a CCBIO Post Doc position at the research group headed by Prof. Bjørn Tore Gjertsen (The signaling-targeted therapy group). Omsland has a BSc in biomedical laboratory sciences and MSc and PhD in Medical Cell Biology which was completed in the same research group in 2017. She just returned from a 2-year long research stay as a visiting fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and enrolled in the new position at K2 20.08.2019. In her new Post Doc project, she will focus on cell-to-cell communication and signaling in the bone marrow compartment of chronic myeloid leukemia before and during treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The main methods will be the new imaging mass cytometer (IMC) and 2-photon microscopy of living organisms. E-mail:




Progress report NFR – deadline October 1st or 31st

If you have an ongoing project at NFR, you may have been notified to submit Progress report via “My RCN web”. The report layout concerns academic progress.  We would also recommend that you request a report from your financial controller about unused funds for 2019. Last year, the NFR came last week in November, reminding us that unused project funds for the calendar year must be applied transferred to the following year. If you have large residual funds for 2019 (can be clarified with the financial controller), we recommend that you submit an application for a project change as soon as possible.


New Names

K2 presents our new apprentice and receptionist Tonje Lomheim.
She has taken over for Marius and has had her first week at K2 this week.
If you have any questions, she can be reached by mail (
or phone (55 58 30 50/55 97 30 50). Or you can contact her if you’d like to welcome her to K2. She has office space at the K2 reception at the 8th floor in the  lab building.

New names

Name: Christian Magnus Thaulow. Began as a PhD candidate Spring 2019 and working on a project that maps and analyses Antibiotic use and resistance patterns on children. Antibiotic resistance is “Climate crisis.” The project is a partnership with KAS (Competence Centre for antibiotic use in specialist health services). He can be contacted on email: