NFR FRIPRO February 2nd, 2022

Here are three important facts about the announcement of FRIPRO funds from NFR in 2022.

1: Webinar for applicants
NFR is currently inviting applicants for webinars for the call Researcher Project 2022, which has a deadline of 2 February 2022.

The webinars provide an overview of the call, the type of application and how the applications are processed. They are recorded so that you can go in and see them several times.

  • November 25 at 10am webinar in Norwegian
  • December 7 at 10an webinar in English

More information can be found here

2: Quarantine
Are you a project manager for an ongoing project? You can still apply. The quarantine rule has been withdrawn.

3: Sjemaker
Do as Pål and Silke say! And in fact as they do; report in the form maker that you are going to apply. We need feedback to be able to allocate resources to both the project description support and the budget work.

Do not hesitate; do it today! 😊 (only takes 45 seconds)

Registrering av søknad om ekstern finansiering ved K2 / Registration of external funding applications at K2 (

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