Main goals of the Faculty of Medicine

Dean Per Bakke has initiated a process in which the Faculty of Medicine wants to identify a few main goals that are common to the entire Faculty. It is about describing goals that we all should / want / to work for, and which make us proud to be part of our Faculty. The idea is that these should be goals for a given period of time, e.g. five years.

Some moments regarding the goals:

  • They should be something to work towards and reach for, but not unrealistic to achieve and not be dependent on improbable appropriations
  • They must be part of the assignment The Faculty of Medicine has as a university and in line with the strategies of K2, the Faculty and UiB
  • They must be able to be integrated with other departments within our Faculty
  • They should be measurable – did we reach the goals?

The process at K2 will go through the research groups which received this information last week. Contact your group to participate in the discussion on proposals for these goals. The deadline for the research groups’ input to the management group at K2 is 26 November.

Good luck with the process and discussions!

Pål Rasmus Njølstad

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