Registration of vacation

We remind you that all holidays should be registrated in the Self-Service Portal by 1st of October.

According to the law, the main holiday comprises 15 holiday days and is granted in the period 1 June – 30 September. At the end of this period, UiB expects all employees to have completed at least 15 vacation days. Normally, employees will also have taken some time off before the main holiday.

For those who have not registered the holiday will receive a letter from the HR-Dept. to immediately register the holiday in the Self-Service Portal and apply for the remaining holiday in the current year. If there is holiday that is difficult to complete in the current year, or for other reasons want to transfer to next year, you can apply for a transfer of up to 14 holiday days in accordance with the law. When assessing such applications, the employer’s and employee’s responsibilities and obligations under the ‘Ferieloven’ shall be emphasized: «The employer is obliged to ensure that the employee is given holiday time of 25 working days each holiday year. The employee is obliged to complete the holiday time each year ».

If at the end of the year, there still is a lack of registration of holiday in the Self-Service Portal and no agreement on transfer, all earned holiday will be considered terminated in the current year and consequently be deleted in our systems.

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