Final for the former Study Program of Internal Medicine

The former study program for education of medical students in internal medicine ended last month. A former dean at the Faculty of Medicine, now professor emeritus Per Omvik, constructed the program 20 years ago.

The program has been very successful, including strong focus on the patients, who have been involved in the many clinical lectures and demonstrations.

Education at collaborating hospitals in Førde, Haugesund and Stavanger, and at Haraldsplass Diakonale sykehus have been very popular.

Stud med Kristina Fyllingen has had a newborn child and therefore had her right to later exams. Thus she has ended the study program last month with brilliant results in written and practical exams. Kristina looks very much forward to use all her knowledge in her compulsory practice period at Stokmarknes sjukehus in North Norway. Good luck Kristina!

Dr. Johan Fredrik Kayser has been sensor for examinations in internal medicine for 29 years, and he will continue in the new program. It is of very great value to have such an experienced physician and sensor in our study programs. Thank you very much!

Senior consultant Janicke Bjørke has done a marvellous job to organize the study program and the exams from 1996. Thank you very much!

Very much thanks also to more than 100 lecturers, examiners, sensor Rajendiran Kada and all the other health care workers who has contributed so much to make the program a real success in education of more than 3000 new physicians.

Finally, thank you very much for the opportunity and the great pleasure to work with all the students and with Janicke!

Alfred Halstensen
Professor emeritus
Responsible for education of internal medicine (old program)


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