Home office – Linn Iversen


-Can’t complain about the view. A little cloudy today, but have had all seasons since March 12.

– Easter pops up.

– Since my appointment with the hairdresser on March 16 got canceled, I had an emergency cut last week.

-A good, classical base for lifting a digital workday.

-A classic from the 80s has been brought down from the attic and given the opportunity to swing again.

After a little hick-ups with the digital hock-up in the first few days, all systems work fine. But the ergonomic working position can be a challenge. I take breaks doing stretching exercises on the living room floor.

Must admit that the coffee is better in the home office, but look forward to being back on campus. As a controller, everyday work consists of many smaller work tasks. It makes it easy to create lists to work with and plan the workday so that the shoulders, back and neck are not overloaded.

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