To faculty employees – supervisors for thesis in medicine studies

Once a year, the faculty has contacted the institutes’ scientific staff and asked for proposals for assignment work for the medical students. When we address us now, we are asking for suggestions for THESIS, which is part of the academic pillar in a new study plan from 2015. At the same time, we will inform you about the role of the supervisor and the framework for work with the main assignment.

All permanent employed academic staff at the faculty are required to supervise at least one student with the thesis every two years. The supervisor’s duty is considered as part of the teaching obligation. Employees in adjunct positions, engagement positions and employees at Helse Bergen are entitled but not required to guide students. External supervisors who wish to contribute must be approved by the Committee of the Academic Pillar, and external supervision must not cause expenses for the faculty.

The students should have one or more supervisors during the work on the thesis, one of which is the main supervisor. At least one of the supervisors should have a PhD at the doctoral level.
If the main supervisor is not employed by the Faculty of Medicine, there must be a co-supervisor employed at the faculty.

Students have a minimum of 15 hours of supervision per thesis, and the students are obliged to use the supervision. The new thesis is 20 credits, which includes start-up seminar and thesis work. The amount of work should be approximately 500 hours per student. Two students can write thesis together (20 credits per student). The scope of the assignment must be adapted to whether it is done by 1 or 2 students.

A two-day start-up seminar in the 7th semester will prepare students for the work on the thesis. The seminar will provide students with a good overview of topics such as research ethics and design, statistical strength calculation, literature search and management, introduction to EndNote, etc.

Students will decide for a project at the end of the 6th semester and together with the supervisor write a project description that will be completed at the beginning of the 8th semester.

It has been allocated time at the start of the 10th semester to only work with the thesis, and submission will take place at the end of this period. An elective period of 4 weeks in the 4th or 5th year of study will also be used for thesis work. The first to deliver the thesis will deliver spring 2020.

We also show information about the transition from the assignment to the thesis, which was sent to the departments in November 2016.

About submission of thesis proposals
The Faculty requests that supervisors complete a new electronic form with proposals for the main thesis theme within: April 15th, 2018

Once the faculty has received the main thesis proposal, these must be approved by the Committee of the Academic Pillar and made available to the students. Once the students have agreed with supervisors about a project, the student will report this for registration at the faculty.

The faculty also shows the website with information about the assignment/thesis, where more information about the thesis will be published later. We currently show specific guidelines for the thesis (link only in norwegian): and learning outcomes for this;

Questions of a professional nature can be addressed to Arne Tjølsen, Head of the Academic Column Committee.

Faculty of Medicine, April 4, 2018

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