My Time

In order to improve the time registration at the University of Bergen, the University Management has decided that all technical and administrative staff at UiB should use My Time (“Min Tid”). This applies to both those with fixed and flexible working hours, and hourly paid. My Time will replace the flex time schedule, and for hourly paid, the system will replace the time lists.

My Time will be introduced on Monday 12 February for all employees who have a flexible schedule today, with the exception of IKO clinics and employees at the Animal Department. They will come later.

Information about My Time is given at the following locations and times:

Monday 12.2. at. 9–10, Bjerkedalsrommet, Kalfaret.

Wednesday 14.2. at. 10:45.

Friday 9.2. at. 13–14, auditorium 4, BBB
Monday 12.2. at. 12–13, conference room, BBB
Wednesday 14.2. at. 12:30–13:30, auditorium 4, BBB

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