Teaching autumn 2014

Eystein 2Hopefully everybody is back with their batteries fully charged after the summer holidays. Those of you who chose Western Norway as your destination have experienced the summer of the century, at least weather-wise. However, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and focus on the important tasks, namely to provide teaching, research and dissemination of superior quality, while hopefully leaving lesser issues and annoyances be. Hanna Kvanmo, a famous Norwegian politician once said «prioritize carefully what you are going to be annoyed about» – it is something we should all keep in mind.

Teaching was deliberately mentioned first; it is the students that define us as an academic institution and university hospital. Therefore, we must work constantly to improve its quality. The importance of teaching is emphasized by the fact that your effort in this area is one of the main arguments in the local wage negotiations – this year with a historically large local salary pot to distribute.

The teaching seminar on September 17 will focus on many important topics that you should not miss, including the new curriculum for medical students, practical exam and e-learning. We will also discuss simple, but important things such as manners and behavior. Furthermore, the annual teaching award will be announced. The seminar is compulsory for academic staff and also provides an excellent opportunity to meet your colleagues.

Wishing you an excellent teaching autumn

Eystein Husebye
Acting Head of Department

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