07 Information regarding vacation

Information about vacation for employees at UIB

All vacation must be registered in PAGA

  1. According to the law of vacations all employees have the right to a minimum of 25 Paragrafdays (Monday to Friday) of vacation every year.
  2. Employees who become 60 years of age during the vacation year have the right to an extra week of vacation. You can decide for yourself when you want to take this extra vacation, but you must alert the employer at least two weeks in advance.
  3. PART TIME: If your regular working hours are, e.g. three days in your vacation week, you have used one vacation week, not three vacation days.
  4. ILLNESS: To have the right to a new vacation you must have been completely (i.e. 100 %) unable to work/on sick leave. This demand must be documented with a medical certificate.
  5. Employees have the right and duty to take a full vacation, also when changing employers.
  6. Employees and employers may make a written agreement to transfer up to two weeks of vacation to the next vacation year (PAGA). This requires that both parts are in agreement about it.
  7. Employees acceding before September 30 in the vacation year may demand a full vacation (25 weekdays) by the end of the same vacation year.
  8. Three weeks of vacation in the main vacation period (June 1 – September 30) may only be taken by employees that accede before August 15 of the vacation year.

Accession after September 30 will still give a right of one week of vacation the same year