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Springtime for teaching & learning

At K2, we take pride in providing excellent education. The teaching and learning activities that we contribute to are important for the educational programmes for Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology, Nutrition and some others. In order to enable continuation of the excellence in education for which we are known, we need good teachers with up-to-date knowledge within their field – but also within the field of teaching and learning. Therefore, we wish to see as many as possible of you at the Teaching Day on Wednesday May 18th at Auditorium AHH (half-day from lunch). Register and meet up for lunch with good colleagues, inspirational talks and discussion about teaching and learning – and meet the winner of the K2 Teaching Award!

It is time for rotation of the UGLE positions. All teaching groups should propose their UGLE and vice UGLE by the UGLE meeting Tuesday May 3rd at 08-09 am. UGLEs will be invited by email.

UiB will support projects intended to strengthen research and education associated with digitalization by 1 million NOK. Project proposals must be signed by Eystein Husebye and delivered to MED by April 27th.

NBS Science and Social of April 2022

Join us for the NBS Science and Social of April 2022! The NBS S&S series is bimonthly event that combines a lecture held by researchers from Bergen, with a social event for NBS members. This month the Science part will be an online lecture by Prof. Charalampos Tzoulis, Dep. of Neurology, UiB, and the social part will be a game night (everyone is invited!) at Gimmikk in skostredet in Bergen. See below for more information. Hope to see you there!

NBS Science (Zoom webinar):

Title: NAD replenishment therapy for Parkinson’s disease: from the bench to the bedside

Speaker: Charalampos Tzoulis, Department of Neurology, UiB

Tuesday April 26th at 14.30 (Open for all!)

Zoom Meeting ID: 662 5637 2254

Passcode: 39692239

A link to the zoom meeting will also be posted on out web page at the day of the event:

NBS Social (Open for all – bring a friend!):

Get to know us! Game night, 19:00 @ Gimmikk Bar & Arkade (Østre Skostredet 12, Bergen)

Join us at Gimmikk to socialize with other NBS-members! You don’t have to be a NBS member to join this event, bring a friend for some drinks, games and fun! For more information about the event, visit the NBS Bergen facebook page or group, or our webpage:


(Norsk) Thea Midtun

Jobber med Studie, Klinisk institutt 2

Jeg jobber som semesterkoordinator for MED9 (niende semester på medisinstudiet) og er administrativ ansvarlig for noen masteremner ved instituttet.

Det som jeg liker best ved jobben min, er at det er så mange ulike og varierte arbeidsoppgaver, og at jeg har ansvaret for alle prosesser i et emne fra start til slutt! Det er givende å se at arbeidet man legger inn i planleggingsfasen fungerer i praksis, og å kunne legge til rette for at både studentene og de vitenskapelige har det de trenger for å kunne utføre arbeidet sitt.

Mesteparten av tiden på jobben går med til å holde kontroll på at alt går som det skal med undervisning, praksis og eksamen.

Jeg liker å jobbe på K2 fordi jeg har så mange gode og kjekke kollegaer her! Og ikke minst er det givende å være med på å legge til rette for at vi kan utdanne de beste legene i landet.

Do you want to contribute during the research days in Bergen?

UIB is the largest contributor to the festival i Bergen, and we hope more professional communities will join i making research visible to the city`s population. The research days is an annual, national festival and this year take place from 21th of September to 2nd Oktober.

 We are applaying for contributions to:

  • 23. og 24. september in a big tent in Festplassen, filled with 25-30 stations from the city`s research and educational institutions.

for more information:

Open guest lecture at the Faculty of Law UiB.

On May 16, the Faculty of Law will host an open guest lecture with Professor Stephen J. Morse of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Department of Psychiatry, in collaboration with the DIMENSIONS research project. The title of the lecture is “Neurolaw: Perils and Promises” (see the invitation for a more detailed description of the topic), and the topic may be of interest across different disciplines. Invitation here!

Kreftforeningens hovedutlysning, Forskerprosjekt 2022 -Frist 31. mai

Open Call, Rosa sløyfe, Krefttak mot Kreft og geografisk spredning

The Cancer Society works to fight and prevent cancer, and to ensure the best possible life for cancer patients and their relatives. The Norwegian Cancer Society announces funding for research projects in these thematic areas:

  • Free cancer research (Open Call, NOK 130 million).
  • Breast cancer (Pink ribbon, NOK 28 million).
  • Cancer with spread (Efforts against cancer, NOK 20 million).
  • Cancer research at institutions outside the big cities (NOK 8 million).

For more information on this call:

Are you planning to apply to the Norwegian Cancer Society in 2022? Then you must fill in the form below:

Jeg planlegger å søke Kreftforeningen med frist 31. mai