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The financial room for maneuver at the universities has been significantly reduced in the last year, and the Faculty of Medicine has had major cuts in its budgets. K2 is the largest department at the Faculty of Medicine and has received the largest reductions. The Rectorate has given the faculties a deadline of approx. 2 years to break even.

To reverse the trend, K2 is introducing a number of measures. One of these is linked to the possibility of saving money through area efficiency, to slightly reduce the large amount of area that K2 uses. The faculty pays well over NOK 75 million in area rent. If K2 can reduce the areas somewhat, K2 will receive funds as compensation.

K2 has therefore set up an area committee led by Silke Appel to make a brief analysis of the current situation for the use of offices and laboratories in the Laboratory Building and outline a proposal for how approx. 358 square meters in the Laboratory Block, which are particularly expensive to rent from Helse Bergen, can be saved and which models, if any, can be used. This applies, for example, relocation of entire research groups, joint use of laboratory space and more open office space. The committee will look at the possibility of saving the areas by allowing the staff to work more closely or by using less expensive areas, e.g. in BBB.

The committee has delivered its analysis and identified approx. 355 square meters essentially divided into three areas and which can potentially be saved. The proposal will form part of a process with the Dean’s Office and UiB central regarding possible agreement with Helse Bergen on temporary takeover of these areas. Affected research groups will be involved in the process if Helse Bergen shows an interest in this.

It can be a demanding exercise, but it should be possible to use less space. When it comes to offices, most people today can get by with a PC and a screen, although some may have a greater need. People in reduced positions can e.g. share an office with a little planning. The laboratories are very important for translational research, but here too we have to think anew. Much of the research is done today via core facilities and on a computer today, and it is possible to share bench space with others.

Times are more demanding than before, but I believe it is temporary and that with a skipper roof we can get through the process. It is important that we stand together in this and that everyone, in different ways, gives a little extra now in terms of flexibility so that the institute as a whole will come out of the situation – even stronger. It is possible!

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Info meeting: European Research Infrastructures – how can you benefit

Dear all,

University of Bergen and Helse Bergen are members of four European research infrastructures in the field of translational medicine: BBMRIELIXIREATRISand ECRIN. The four research infrastructures work in parallel, providing complementary services to researchers in the field of biomedical sciences and support the development of personalized medicine and new treatments.

We invite researchers to learn more about each research infrastructure and how they can help you with a focus on services that support funding applications. The national coordinators of each research infrastructure are available for 1:1 meeting where you can ask specific questions regarding your project or get more information. Here is the registration page and agenda also included a QR-code for the poster (registration). Enclosed is the invitation.

Introductory seminars for new international employees

This course is step 2 of our introductory seminars for new international employees. The course will take place on January 31st from 12.30 to 15.30 in Seminar room E in the International Centre. You can sign up here Please complete step 1 ( before attending.

Invitation to all PhDs and Postdocs: Present your work at the SDG Conference 2023

Dear PhDs and postdoctoral researchers,

It is our pleasure to invite you to present your work at the upcoming SDG Conference 2023!

The sixth SDG Conference Bergen will take place 8-10 February 2023 with the theme “A just transformation to a sustainable future” (see SDG Conference Bergen | University of Bergen ( for details). This fully digital conference provides new opportunities to present emerging and important research by motivated PhD students and postdoctoral researchers addressing the conference themes. We therefore invite all PhDs and postdoctoral researchers that are interested to present a videorecorded poster on your research and how it relates to the theme of the upcoming conference.

The deadline for submitting a two-minute videorecorded poster is 31 January, 2023.

For more information on details on how to record your contribution and practical information regarding submitting, please see attached pdf flyer with information. Your poster videos will be showcased in the conference platform and available for all digital participants to view.

This is a great opportunity to share your research with a global audience and we hope to see your presentation at the conference!

Want to attend the conference? Register here!


From January 2023, the core facilities MIC, PROBE, FLOW and BiSS will change their booking system from IdeaElan to BooktitLab. BookitLab has been purchased centrally by UiB, which means that other core facilities at UiB also will have the opportunity to start using it in the future. BookitLab has already been implemented at both NTNU and UiO, as well as at the NMR-core facility at UiB (MatNat).

If you want to be able to reserve instruments or services from 1 January 2023, users must by December log into BookitLab (Feide login) once, and thereafter have a project linked to their name.

Separate e-mails with relevant information on how to get started will be sent to project leaders (PIs), project accountants and existing users of the core facilities. The procedures are simple, and it is important that everyone follows the instructions so that the transition becomes as smooth as possible. If you have not received the relevant information yet, you can contact

Invitation to SDG Conference Bergen 2023

SDG Conference Bergen 2023:
A just transformation to a sustainable future

8–10 February 2023

In order to succeed with a sustainable transformation of our societies we must face the grand challenges of our time. How can we ensure that this transformation is just and leaves no one behind?

The 6th annual SDG Conference Bergen will tackle such fundamental challenges to the 2030 Agenda, looking at how to reduce the pressure on planetary boundaries while ensuring human rights, peace and security, sustenance, health and education, and other social prerequisites for a good life.

The conference will include speakers from around the world with representation from academia, government, civil society, industry, and more.

Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre will open the conference.

Keynotes include:

·  Dan Kammen, University of California, Berkley, and former Environmental Envoy for the U.S. State Department

·  Mahmood Mamdani, Professor of Government at Columbia University and former Executive Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research

·  Katja Hujo, Development economist and social policy expert at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

Conference participation is digital and free of charge!

Programme / Registration

ECRIN Webinar: Adopting Best Practices in Personalized Medicine Research

ECRIN Webinar: Adopting Best Practices in Personalized Medicine Research

Join this ECRIN webinar to learn how the PERMIT project and its recommendations can support best practice in personalized medicine!. When: Friday, 16 December, 3-5 PM (CET) Register here. New high-throughput technologies and the digital revolution are offering incredible advantages for researchers…and medical research is evolving rapidly in response.

(Norsk) Disputas – Emma Satrell

Prøveforelesning: Fredag 16. – desember 2022 kl. 10.15

Sted: Auditorium, Olavsalen, Haukeland universitetssykehus, Gamle hovedbygg, Jonas Liesvei 71

Oppgitt emne: «Risiko for sykdom hos barn med medfødte misdannelser i lunger og luftveier – behandling og oppfølging fra barneår og inn i voksenlivet.»

Disputas: Fredag 16. – desember 2022 kl. 12.15

Sted: Auditorium, Olavsalen, Haukeland universitetssykehus, Gamle hovedbygg, Jonas Liesvei 71

Avhandlingens tittel: «Alveolar function following extremely preterm birth»

1. opponent: Professor Kim Nielsen, Rigshospitalet, Danmark

2. opponent: Ph.d. Petra Um-Bergstrøm, Karolinska Institutet

3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis Marianne Aanerud, Universitetet i Bergen

Disputasen blir ledet av professor Valeriya Lyssenko

Åpent for alle interesserte