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As of this writing, we are submitting a draft budget for 2023. This year, too, there is an ambitious budget given the framework and which takes into account the challenges we see in the coming year when it comes to finances. The main focus in the last six months has been the economy due to the Ministry of Education’s proposals for cuts in the basic allocation to all universities related to pensions, efficiency, travel, and more. Reference is made to Dean Per Bakke’s e-mail today. The Faculty of Medicine has drawn up a budget for 2022 with a deficit of NOK 30 million, while K2 has a deficit of NOK 12 million. This makes our operations difficult. But as Per Bakke says, if we stand together in this, we will be able to get through this period. My goal is that we will even emerge stronger from it. It is often in adversity that one becomes innovative and completely new ideas are created. So here’s a challenge for all of you: Help us figure out how we can manage with a little less space, a little less people and a little less funds via K2, and how we can create more income that are visible in K2’s budgets. This can help us to remove the current requirements from the Faculty, that we are not allowed to advertise new positions for the time being and with some exceptions. It’s a bad situation we have to get out of as fast as possible!

After a cold and wet June, today we have finally got to taste the heat. We are now preparing for the summer holidays. For most, spring has been a busy time with applications, OSCE and all the endings at the end of the semester. So it will be good to get a few weeks off to do completely different things. It is important to charge the batteries so that we can start the autumn with new energy and a desire to work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their great efforts this semester.

Have a really good summer vacation!


Info about phd and postdoc-positions from the faculty

Unfortunately, due to a pressured financial situation at MED, we have to take the following measures related to the recruitment positions (PhD and postdoc positions):

        1. No free recruitment positions will be announced in the autumn-22
        2. 3 PhD positions will be announced in autumn-22 reserved for research line students
        3. A decision on whether to advertise free recruitment positions spring-23 will be made towards the end of autumn-22 when we see how the economy is developing.
        4. Promises of recruitment positions in connection with already granting external applications will be fulfilled, but employment in such positions in the autumn of 22 must be postponed until 1 January-23 at the earliest.
        5. In cases where a contract for employment has already been signed in the autumn of 22, this can be carried out
        6. The scheme for awarding recruitment positions to external projects ( is temporarily halted and thus does not apply to applications with an application deadline after 01.09.22. For any allocation of recruitment positions to large projects, contact the research section.

Career Day for all PhD candidates and postdocs at The Faculty of Medicine – Wednesday October 19th

Welcome to career day for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine! It will take place on October 19th from 09.00 to 16.00 in auditorium 1, in the BB building at Haukeland. In addition to internal and external presenters, some of our earlier PhD candidates will update us on what they have done after graduating. Furthermore, there will be held several relevant workshops at the end of the day. Lunch will be served, and there will be good opportunities for mingling with your fellow candidates.

Detailed programme and information about registration will be sent later, but please save the date!

The PhD coordinator team

CCBIO course CCBIO905 – Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research, September 27-29, 2022, in Zoom

We are happy to invite you to the coming CCBIO course this fall: CCBIO905 – Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research, September 27-29, 2022, as a fully digital event in Zoom.

This course focuses on the full panel of standard and advanced methods with relevance for cancer biomarker research. The intention is to provide an understanding of the various methodologies and their application in basic and translational cancer research. The course further covers relevant topics like optimal sample collection and biobanking.

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