Course in clinical studies including ICH-GCP (GCP901)

The PhD course “Course in clinical studies including ICH-GCP (GCP901)” is a very relevant course for PhD students doing clinical research.

 At this course, you will be given a thorough introduction to:

  • ICH-GCP and laws relevant to clinical research including the Health Research Act and related regulations on the design and conduct of clinical trials, as well as applications that are relevant to clinical research.
  • Different units inform what they can assist with in the conduction of clinical trials.
  • The importance of ethical considerations in clinical trials.

The PhD course GCP901 is a 1 ECTS course and part of the Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research. It is led by Professor Eyvind Rødahl and Professor Thomas Halvorsen.

Day 1: 25 September (half day)
Day 2: 28 September (whole day)
Day 3: 6 October (half day)

Registration: contact Solveig Lund Witsø before 6 September.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please feel free to contact the staff:

Course content: Eyvind Rødahl, Thomas Halvorsen or Stefan Johansson.
Administrative matters: Solveig Lund Witsø.

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