Financial support for stays abroad for employees at the Faculty

The purpose of the grant is to cover initial and additional expenditures in connection with research-related stays abroad. It is also possible to apply for travel expenses to be covered.

Three types of UiB employees are eligeble for the grants:

1) Scientific staff in permanent positions. The position must be funded by the University, and an application for research sabbatical including a stay abroad must have been submitted by the deadline for sabbaticals (1 May). Deadline: 1 October.

2) Postdoctoral fellows with UiB funding. Deadlines 1 March and 1 October.

3) PhD candidates with UiB funding/UiB research fellow (PhD) positions: PhD candidates funded by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen, can apply for research grant limited to 25.000nok. Application deadline are 1. March and 1. October

Applications should be sent by internal mail or ordinary post to:
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Postboks 7804

A report is to be submitted to the faculty immediately upon return, no later than one month after returning to Bergen. The report should be sent to the address above.

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