(English) Merck Life Science (Sigma Aldrich) invites you to a free seminar in Bergen

The seminar is a Cell biology seminar.

Also Josefine Jaxby from Corning will be at Seminar if you have questions about Corning products.

Hopefully you can send it forward to people that might be interested in this Seminar at your department.

Speaker: Marina Wiklander, PhD
Date: 08.05.2019
Time: 08:30 – 12.00

Location: Thormøhlensgt 55 (N-terminalen, romnr. 520B1), 5.etg., Bioblokken 

  1. Cell Identity and Authentication: What’s in your flask?
    Cell line misidentification is one of the greatest threats to the validity of research in the 21st century. With cell culture key to most life science research it is vitally important that any practitioner of cell culture is aware of the magnitude of the problem and be able to employ resources and strategies to ensure valid results.

  2. Trouble Shooting in Cell Culture
    Overview of the global cell culture process, where and why problems could be encountered (poor growth and viability, low adherence, mycoplasma detection, phenotypic drift). A chance for customers to “share their problems”.

  3. Moving from 2D to 3D cell culture?: 3D Neural Stem Cell Models of Alzheimer’s Disease
    Introduction of 3D cell culture technologies provided us with improved model for cellular research for drug discovery and other medical applications. Combination of 3D cell technology with stem cell research helped us to establish a relevant disease model in order to understand the pathology of the dementia and also improve the development of drugs.Based on publication by Kim et. al who created a three-dimensional (3D) human neural stem cell model of Alzheimer’s disease, we would like to introduce this model as a valuable tool to study age-related Alzheimer’s dementia as well as other neurodegenerative disorders.

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