Daglige arkiver: 1. desember 2016

COST: New research networks – medical and health research

logo_costCOST is a European networking organization where most European countries (including Norway and all EU member states) are members. An important task for COST is to promote European research by initiating scientific networks (“COST actions”).

General information on COST can be found here and here.

In February 2016 it was decided to initiate 26 new COST actions, of which the following is within / relevant for medical and health research:

  • CA15203 – Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution – Age – Gender – Lifestyle – Environment (CA15203 – MITOEAGLE)
  • CA15204 – European Platform for Outcomes Research into Perioperative Interventions during Surgery for Cancer (CA15204 – EuRO-PeriSCope)
  • CA15205 – Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for the Knowledge Commons (CA15205 – GREEKC)
  • CA15208 – Rationing – Missed Nursing care: An international and multidimensional problem (CA15208 – RANCARE)
  • CA15210 – European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes (CA15210 – ENCKEP)
  • CA15214 – An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks (CA15214 – EuroCellNet)
  • CA15216 – European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise: Fundamental Knowledge to Inspire Advanced Bonding Technologies (CA15216 – ENBA)
  • CA15222 – European Network for cost containment and improved quality of health care (CA15222 – COSTCares)

Summary of the actions can be found by following the links in the parentheses. The sites also contain links to a detailed description of each action (Memorandum of Understanding).
In the attached file the summaries are given along with some additional information and a complete list of the new COST actions.
The Research Council of Norway is coordinating the process with regard to Norwegian participation in COST actions. Hans Hellebostad is liaison for actions within medicine/health and chemistry. If interested in participating, please contact me before 18 April 2016 *). You will then also get more detailed information about participation in COST. The application form used to join as a participant, is attatched.

Hans Hellebostad
Senior Adviser
The Research Council of Norway
Division of Science / Department of Medicine, Science and Technology
Phone + 47 22 03 71 72
E-mail: hh@rcn.no
*) This is not necessarily the last chance to join the actions, but is set as a first deadline for the sake of the Research Council’s follow-up of COST.